Delivering needed food to Charlotte County

CREATED Jul 7, 2011

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PUNTA GORDA - You've been asking us to "tell you something good" and we're showing you a local effort to help those in need in Charlotte County.  Four in Your Corner's Lisa Spooner was there  as employees from Smugglers Enterprises unloaded 2 semi trucks full of food.

"It's like Christmas to open up the box and we've got all kinds of stuff to sort," said Pat Knox.

Pat drove all the way from Englewood to Punta Gorda on behalf of their local food pantry to pick up their donations.

"This is a Godsend because Englewood is unique," she said.  "We're in 2 counties.  So we weren't getting resources from either end and H.E.L.P. In Charlotte County has included us in knowing that we reach all of Englewood, both Sarasota side and Charlotte County.

And it's not just food that they're receiving.

"There's one box that comes with all food in it and there's another that's got miscellaneous items," explained Pat.  "It can be anywheres from paper towels to toilet paper to cleaning supplies. We don't know.

Smugglers Enterprises operates 5 restaurants locally in Charlotte County.

They're the ones who raised the money to bring the needed food to the county where they operate.

"Not only does our staff willingly donate a portion of their check every week, we also donate a half a percent of our sales from all 5 of our restaurants daily to the foundation which we invest back in our community," said Tammy Beck with Smugglers Enterprises.

And these supplies will have far-reaching effects.

Tammy said, "This food drive's net worth is about $100,000 in food and 12,000 people will be impacted by this.  We have 23 local food pantries that have signed up that will be part of this drop today."

For Pat, she says there just aren't words to express how much this means.  She said, "There isn't enough thanks in the world."