Patrick Nolan gets locked up for Halloween

Fox 4 anchor shows up to support MDA

CREATED Oct 30, 2013

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 CAPE CORA, Fla. -  Palmetto Pines Country club hosted a good cause with a "scary" theme on Thursday. 

Fox 4 anchor Patrick Nolan was among those taking part in the MDA "Lock-Up." 

The event allows people to be "arrested" and brought to a makeshift jail cell at the country club dining room.

Arrestees then have to make calls to potential donors to "post bail." 

The event raised more than $40,000 for MDA. 

The timing of the event also meant a number of participants dressed in costume for the event. 

Photographer Amy Weiler captured the event on camera and her pictures aired on Fox 4 news.

Patrick's involvement with the MDA goes way back. He hosted the MDA Labor Day telethon on Fox 4 for many years.