Is that a dog on that guy's bike? Yes, and here's why....

Man & dog bike through Southwest Florida with a message for you

CREATED Jan. 13, 2014

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CAPE CORAL, Fla. -  Keep your eyes peeled for a dog on a bike in Southwest Florida!

It's Bixby, a rescue dog who's been all over the country - on the back of her owner's bicycle.

"She's been with me 4 years now," says owner Mike Minnick. 

"I wanted an epic bike trip with my friend here, so we set out of Galveston, Texas and we went to Texarkana back this summer for a family reunion."

"From there I caught a ride up to Maine," says Minnick who says he and Bixby visited the easternmost town in the United States there.

From there, they headed to the southernmost spot in the United States.

"I got to Key West on Christmas day," says Minnick who was in Cape Coral Monday.

"Now I'm slowly making my way back up the Gulf side of Florida and slowly we'll make our way to the California."

 Minnick says he's hoping their ride will draw attention to the importance of animal adoption.

"Everybody should have a best friend, and you should go adopt a best friend," he says.

"Or, if you have the time or the means, volunteer or donate to your local rescue animal agency."

"If you get a best friend, you end making them as happy as they make you," Minnick adds.

"Life is more fun with a dog," he says as he pets Bixby.

He says the dog attracts plenty of attention as they go from town to town. 

"Everybody wants to love and hug Bixby," he says.

"Kids want to play fetch with her."

"She gets a lot of attention and bacon," says Minnick who says many restaurants offer the popular breakfast food to the dog.

Minnick say they have no set itinerary as they wander U.S.

"She gets to see county like most people don't," he says about Bixby.

"I can't pass up a dog park or a dog beach."

 And he says Bixby - who rides on the back of his bicycle - is always up for anything.

"She's definitely a good natured dog and loves the adventure."

And he says he loves the adventure too.

"This has definitely probably been the most fun thing I've ever done," says Minnick. 

"It's kind of adventure of a lifetime - addicting."

"I don't want to stop."