Chilmonik: new school board not fixing long school bus rides

CREATED Jul 7, 2011

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CAPE CORAL - A former Lee County school board member says the new board members can't lose focus on solving long school bus rides that have kid stuck on buses for hours and hours on end.

Bob Chilmonik says the district needs to start working on the issue.

So far -- the board has held one workshop to talk about saving money and ending long school bus rides and that is it.

"The real issue is in transportation -- the school district simply has to bring the schools back to the neighborhood," Chilmonik says. "That's why these buses are running all over town with 2 or 3 children on a bus and in some cases only partly filled."

So far the district hasn't set another date to meet and talk about the issues.

Back in September a audit showed excessive amount of overtime expenses and long school bus rides that break state guidelines.