How much do those Lee County School bus drivers make?

CREATED Jul 7, 2011

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Driver: "Wow - there he is he is right behind us".

We have heard -- seen and learned a lot about these five Lee County school bus drivers taking a joy ride on your dime.  But several questions still remain. The district told me they were all off the clock.  But listen to what the drivers are saying about it -- after I busted them working out and running errands.

Driver: "I got his picture baby."

Driver: "He asked are you guys working out.  I said no".

Driver: "He said are you guys working off the clock.  I said no the drivers on the clock - we are off the clock - we are off the clock.  He  is quick to find out all you employees are getting paid now".

Faye Jennings is the driver.  I started looking at her paychecks -- after all its your tax money.  This is a copy of the hours she worked -- her hourly rate and how much overtime she made from Jan till the end of November this year.  Here is how it breaks down -- she makes 16.79 an hour and so far has made a little more than $ 20,500 ($20,534.19) plus nearly ten thousand  ($9,713.02) in overtime for this year.  Which is more than 30 grand -- but remember this is for only nine months of work.

Driver:"slow down baby…"

Driver: "Huh? "

Driver: "I said slow down its 35 mph right here."

Driver: "You don't want to him to get nothing he can put on the news".

Kevin Stern -- makes 14.17 an hour. He's earned nearly 22-thousand dollars ($21,719.08) plus nearly 65-hundred (6,493.43) in overtime for a total of more than 28-thousand dollars ($28,212.51)

Driver: "Mr. Dailey will stand out there and protect us and say I want to press charges against this man".