Wounded soldier receives big gift as wife prepares to give birth

Southwest Floridians have donated something special to a hero

CREATED Mar 31, 2014

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 FORT MYERS, Fla. -  Heartfelt applause greeted Sgt. Josh Hargis as he showed up to accept a gift from the community today at AutoNation Toyota

He and his wife were presented with a brand new Toyota Tundra customized for him, his wife and a tiny gift on the way. 

"In two months they have a baby boy coming," said  Dan Ashby of the National Coalition for Patriots, which organized the donation.
"So they need extra room for car seat, and all the toys that's going to go along with that," added Ashby.
The truck came complete with thoughtfully placed baby gifts inside.
They were stuffed into a military style desert cammoflauge bag lovlingly placed in the passener cab.
The donation drive was named "Operation Give A Tundra."
"Thank you for serving our country," one of those in attendance told Sgt. Hargis.
 "I served in Vietnam," he told the veteran of the war in Afghanistan.
"This couldn't have happened without the generosity of AutoNation Toyota and Southwest Floridians who donated, many of who remain anonymous," said Ashby.
Sgt. Hargis was severely injured when a female suicide bomber struck in Afghanistan.
Some other members of his Army Ranger unit were killed in the blast.
Hargis lost both of his legs.
He is now underdoing rehabilitation as he gets used to two new artificial legs.
"What do you think of your new truck?" Fox 4 reporter Sara Belsole asked Hargis.
"It's an amazing truck," said Sgt. Hargis with a smile.
Hargis and wife smiled again as they found the baby items inside the cab.
He reflected on all the running and playing his new baby boy might do.
"I can't do all those exciting things anymore, at least as much as I used to," said Hargis.
"So I will encourage him to do all of those things." 
The couple's baby is due in May.
Sgt. Hargis was asked about how he manages to stay so strong despite the trauma his body and mind have been through in the war.
"Where do you get that strength from everyday?" asked one reporter.
"I get it from my wife," said Hargis.
"I wouldn't have much if I didn't have my wife."
"She does everything for me she's my rock," he added.
"I'm honored," Sgt. Hargis said of the new truck as the keys were presented to him and his wife who grew up in Southwest Florida.
He grew up in Ohio but the couple is now moving to Southwest Florida to start their family.
He said he was amazed by " the generoristy from everyone."
"That they're willing doing this for us," said Sgt. Harris who was clearly touched by the gift.