Lee Co. Schools bus driver sick policy

CREATED May 17, 2011

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More than 30 of Lee County's bus drivers called in sick, or were unable to work yesterday. The union rep says many of those absences could be because of failed physicals.

Union Rep Bob Rushlow is upset that the district is giving the physicals at the end of the school year instead of over the summer months, like it used to be.

Rushlow says drivers' blood pressures are tested and that they could be elevated because of the stress that comes with driving the buses.

"The pressure's on. They gotta pick these kids up at a certain time, they gotta get them to school at a certain time." Bob Rushlow says.

Drivers have to get their high blood pressure or other medical issues under control before they can get behind the wheel.

This story sparking a lot of debate among Four in your Corner viewers.

Susan from Cape Coral saying a similar problem happened with her kids recently. Susan says when she called the transportation department, her impression was there was a lot of miscommunication.