New Lee Co. superintendent Burke on school choice

CREATED May 17, 2011

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School buses have taken Lee County students to their chosen schools for years.

But soon to be Superintendent Dr. Joseph Burke says school choice isn't working.

"It's been an ongoing issue and a big issue that's impacting the district both in terms of cost and efficiencies."

Burke's Monroe County district recently did away with the program. And now some wonder if that could happen here, too.

Dr. Burke tells me he doesn't want to cancel school choice here…just tweak it.

"We're going to have to look at maybe some kind of a hybrid option that would give us an opportunity to have some variation of neighborhood schools and still a fair amount of choice."

So what do school board members, who'll make the ultimate decision about school choice, think of their new superintendent's opinion?

"We are faced with a very difficult decision when it comes to transportation because of the choice issue, because of the specialized programs that we offer."

But Mary Fischer tells me anything could happen with a new superintendent.

"Change is constant and inevitable and we never know what's going to happen tomorrow."

Change that'll affect every one of these Lee County students.