Gone for good: James Browder inks deal to leave

CREATED May 4, 2011

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Its signed -- sealed and delivered.  Dr. Jim Browder's days as the second in command at Edison State College are officially over. 

In the past -- you might remember Browder has walked away with some sweet severance deals -- just recently from the Lee County School District who paid him nearly a half million bucks to leave.  So what did he get from tax payers this time around?!

Take a look at the date -- April 29th -- James Browder signs on the line below.  just three days after Edison State College Board of Trustees met to determine how much they would have to pay out on Browders three year contract.

Edison State College attorney says, "I was mind full of the fact that on its face value the contract provided for future compensation and benefits in excess of 650 thousand dollars".

A lot of money for a cash strapped college.  Browders contract included such perks as a car, housing, allowances and an annuity.  The settlement agreement shows he will be paid 175,000 bucks -- 30 days after he signs it. But he will not get anything else -- period!

As part of the five page settlement  -- Browder also agreed to leave his job at Edison May 2.  Another major point is that he agrees that he will not sue the college.  Also a very interesting part of the deal -- the college also releases him from any lawsuits involving discrimination.

The deal -- finally given the formal stamp of approval -- by  Ken Walker -- the very same man who hired, promoted and gave Browder a huge pay raise just a couple of months ago.