Edison President Walker's travel expenses reports

CREATED May 3, 2011

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Fox 4 combs through hundreds of pages of detailed expense reports, all submitted by Ken Walker over the last two years.

One report from March of 2009. Walker registered to attend the Chronicle Leadership Forum in Washington D.C., a quick search shows the conference is designed to teach new ideas to help lead your college to success.

It was held at the Ritz Carlton for three days - taxpayers paid more than $2,000 for the trip.

Ken Walker also gets a $25,000 dollar developmental allowance for those forums. Edison State College Spokesperson Catherine Burgerson emailed to say -- "I'm not in a position to say where the reimbursements come from. I will ask finance."

FOX 4 kept looking through the rest of the documents - Walker has attended three out of town events for the florida tax watch.

The group claims to be watchdog of citizens? hard-earned tax dollars!

But, here's a list of the hotels Walker stayed:

  • The Posh Breakers Hotel On Palm Beach,
  • The Westin Diplomat Resort And Spa In Hollywood
  • Walt Disney World

The cost for those three trips to tax payers - more than $1,600 dollars