Dog Dies, Breeder Won't Refund Money

CREATED Apr 11, 2011

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CAPE CORAL—A Cape Coral woman fell in love with her new puppy and so did her husband and small children. But just days later, a vet discovers the pup is so sick she has to be put down.. And now the family feels they're not only out a pet, but almost $1,000.  

"We're not wealthy people but we scraped together all our last little bits of money just to get her just because we loved her so much," says Misty Maher.

Misty Mahar paid a Fort Myers breeder $800 for a Yorkie puppy.  Immediately she and her family fell in love with the puppy…naming her Punkin. But the day they brought her home, they say they noticed big problems.

"We put a little food down for her and she just had absolutely no interest in eating it," explains Misty, "So the next morning she still wouldn't eat again and I called carol."

She's talking about the breeder…Carol Fidler. Misty says Fidler told them to switch the puppy's food, but she says that didn't work and Punkin was quickly getting worse.

"She was very lifeless, struggling to breathe…she would have convulsions...she would make little screaming noises…she was suffering, she was really, really suffering," Misty says.

They took her in to see their vet, and after an entire day in the hospital...the diagnosis was devastating.

"She has liver problems, and they said there just really wasn't anything they could do for her," says Misty.

Punkin had to be put down, and now Misty wants her money back. According to the contract she order to receive a refund the dog had to be first, seen by a vet in the first 48 hours, then deemed unfit for sale, and finally…written proof from the vet had to be provided to Carol, the breeder. All of these things, Misty says she did. And when she called to discuss the refund...she says Carol told her...

"That I'm out of luck," explains Misty, "That she will not be returning my money and she doesn't feel bad about it. There's absolutely no remorse, she just doesn't care."

I tried calling Carol myself…and she told me to call back…so I did…but she didn't answer. Misty says being out a lot of money on top of grieving over this little dog is almost too much to bear.

"It's the most heartbreaking thing I've been through in a really long time and to have to continue on and fight for something that just isn't's just not fair," says Misty.

According to Misty, Carol will not consider giving her money back…but has offered to give her another dog…an offer Misty has politely declined. We'll be following up with Carol the breeder to see if we can get Misty some help.