Edison faculty react to Browder's reassignment

CREATED Apr 1, 2011

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"The faculty has a voice for the first time in many, many years and I think that's one of the reasons the board is having a hard time with this because they have never had to deal with this before." One teacher said.

For the second time this week - Edison State faculty members pack a classroom on campus.

But one person is no longer here on campus or any other campus in the Edison system - former V-P of operations Jim Browder.

"We still have some questions about where he is going exactly".

President Ken Walker is keeping his word by reassigning Browder to a new job - dealing with government relations and economic development.

Is there anybody holding the board members and the trustees accountable?

"Well I guess just the community at this point. I hope they here from folks who agree and disagree with the various sides and understand where the folks are on this."

Browder may be gone from campus -- but the faculty has not forgotten him or his more than 300 thousand dollar salary with perks.

"If they paid out that contract of 3 years - about 300 thousand dollars its nearly a million bucks for 4 months of work.

That would be hard to take for just about anybody, I've heard that buyouts of contracts usually involve one of salary."

So what will happen with Browder's contract and salary - and where will he now be working?

That's a question where many want answers.

Edison state college responded to those questions by sending me a email - saying the details of the contract and physical office location are still being worked out.