Lee Co. school bus with kids stops at store

CREATED Jul 7, 2011

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Did two Lee County school bus drivers run their own personal errands using a bus with disabled kids waiting on board?

The bus seemed a bit out of place -- so FOX 4 decided to take a closer look and try and figure out what the driver and bus attendant were doing as the kids were on the bus.

Motor running and parked illegally, Lee County School Bus number 1007 is pulled in front of a check cashing store at a strip mall in Cape Coral. I snap off a few quick pictures while I watch to see what is going on. That's when I noticed several kids on the bus. I called Bob Rushlow, the union rep for the school bus drivers and told him what we saw going on. Rushlow tells FOX4 he isn't sure what was happening and promises to look into it.

You might remember -- a couple of months ago we busted a group of Lee County school bus drivers on a joy ride around town running errands and picking up family members. They even called the Cape Coral police who pulled me over. The drivers tried to stop me from showing you what they were up to on your dime.

These drivers were punished and suspended -- but its too early yet to tell what bus number 1007 is up to, we followed it for awhile more after it left the parking lot, it didn't make any more stops.

Fox 4 has put a public records request in with the school distrIct for the video from this bus and its GPS tracking route that day. I'll stay on top of it and get to the bottom of what they were up to.