Viewers Voice: Viewers want formal mayoral debate following heated exchange caught on camera

CREATED Oct 22, 2013

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Cape Coral, Fla. - Many of you are reacting to a heated exchange only Fox Four cameras caught of mayor Randy Henderson shaking his finger at mayoral candidate Raimond Aulen.

The exchange was caught on camera while covering a separate story at Fort Myers city council chambers. Mayor Randy Henderson said, "Lets debate. Lets debate. You're scared. You won't let your client debate me?  What's the matter with you?  You're a bigger man. Come on...go on back to North Georgia. We need to have a debate...a campaign is about a debate...telling the citizens about what's going're scared!"
That is part of what was caught on camera. Aulen's campaign manager said, "Why don't you tell the citizens the truth?" Randy Henderson said, "Lets get into a debate.  Lets get into a debate.  You ought to be ashamed of yourself."  Raimond Aulen said, "I''m not ashamed."
It's not clear what sparked the back and forth this time but many viewers would like to see a debate between the two candidates.
Linda said, "They have a right as voters to see this debate and see what they both know and what their extent of knowledge is about the city."
"That's what the taxpayer is waiting for.. waiting for a debate.. tired of all that mumbo jumbo. At least the mayor is putting his money where his mouth is," said Luther from Fort Myers.
In the video you can see Mayor Henderson following Aulen out of the room which prompts Rich on Facebook to post, "The mayor acts like a bully and the challenger a better man."
Phyllis from North Fort Myers would also like to see a formal debate. "I would like to see what he has to offer. I'd like to see his thought process and how he conducts himself."
Raimond Aulen says that the last debate with Mayor Henderson turned ugly and doesn't feel like anything productive will come of a future meeting. Fox Four will let you know if there are any scheduled debates.