Jealousy to jail? Dispatcher: "Karma"

Attorney for wrongfully arrested woman claims dispatcher had a vendetta

CREATED Feb 10, 2014

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PUNTA GORDA, Fla. - Did jealously lead to jail time?

An attorney for a Southwest Florida woman wrongfully arrested seems to think so. Brandy Lowe was arrested by the Punta Gorda Police Department last December on an out of county warrant but despite telling police they had the wrong woman she was thrown behind bars for 12 hours.

Four In Your Corner Investigator Dave Culbreth is learning the one person who could have prevented this, may have let it happen as a form of revenge.

If you cut to the one's a case that has made the Punta Gorda Police change its policy to now require a mug shot be obtained. On the other hand, the Punta Gorda Police have basically said it didn't do anything wrong. That has Brandy Lowe's attorney fired up. "I believe that there was some sort of vendetta," exclaimed Liz Kagan, Lowe's attorney. "She was heard laughing on an audio tape when she's asked to check out a name on a warrant and she's also heard saying something about Karma".

Back in December Lowe was arrested by the Punta Gorda Police on this warrant from Lake County. Turns out, it was the wrong Brandy Lowe. A mug shot of the right Brandy Lowe was never obtained by the Punta Gorda Police and Lowe went to jail. Instead Lowe's mother found it with a Google search and Lowe was later released.

But FOX4 has asked all along...... why didn't someone with the Punta Gorda Police just call and get it? Evidently, that was left up to a dispatcher named Cindy Proud. "She was the one responsible for verifying through the Lake Co. Sheriff's Department that the person they had in custody matched the warrant that they had and she didn't do that," explained Kagan.

Calls involving a 911 dispatch center are typically recorded and according to the Punta Gorda Police's own investigative report;  "Dispatcher Proud was asked to explain why she is heard laughing on the audio tape after hearing Brandy Lee Lowe's name came up as a wanted person". Lowe's attorney asked Lowe to explain that. "They had a relationship with the same guy at different times and there was some sort of dispute regarding that and that's why we believe that she found it quite humorous when Brandy Lowe's name was mentioned to her," answered Kagan.

"I went on four dates with a cop but I had no idea that the dispatcher was involved," said Lowe. The report goes on to say that; "Dispatcher Proud stated, 'I believe in Karma sometimes and when I knew it was her, that is why I laughed".

When a supervisor asked the dispatcher if she was distracted in any way because of the previous incident the report says; "Dispatcher Proud became emotional and stated she takes her job responsibility very serious, is a professional, respects everyone's rights, and would never allow her personal life to interfere with her job." To which, Kagan responded, "You always bring everything that happens to you in your life with you to work. Some people just don't show it. She did".

Nowhere in the 27 page Investigative Report released by the Punta Gorda Police does it say the dispatcher has been reprimanded or disciplined in any way. Again, Punta Gorda Police officials basically say they didn't do anything wrong. I've emailed them asking about the dispatcher, but haven't heard back yet.

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