Woman searches for mystery couple from stolen camera

CREATED Feb. 14, 2014

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NEW YORK (MYFOXNY) - A camera was stolen from a wedding ceremony in a New York City church about 10 years ago and the woman who ended up with the roll of film inside of it is searching for the mystery couple shown in the images.

Her hope is social media can help solve the mystery.

Kristen Frank was working at a photography store when a woman sold her a used camera for $5. The woman said she found it on the subway.

Later, Frank discovered the film inside the camera. She developed the photos but had no idea how to find the people they featured so she put the negatives into storage and forgot about them until a few weeks ago.

She decided to post the photos on her Facebook page hoping someone would recognize the couple or the church.

Her friends were able to identify the church as The Advent Lutheran Church at 93rd and Broadway in Manhattan.

Pastor Jay Elise Brown says she remembers someone stealing a camera from the back of a church during a wedding.  She doesn't know the couple's names but she does remember that they wanted to be married in that church because the bride's grandparents were married there while her grandfather was on leave during World War II.

It's believed that the wedding took place between 2003-2004.

To see more of the photos, or if you know whose wedding this was, CLICK HERE.