Wintery blast strands passengers at RSW, cancelling or delaying 1 in 4 flights

CREATED Jan. 3, 2014

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FORT MYERS, Fla – The wintery blast in the northeast is crippling travel out of RSW airport.

Heavy snow totals, temperatures holding steady in the single digits, and decreasing visibility tells the story of the wintery blast plummeting the northeastern part of the U.S.

The first winter weather make of 2014 is affecting tens of millions and impacting travel plans across the country.

“Cancelled so far, so I’m waiting in line, trying to get a new flight,” said Joseph Broome.

Broome was headed to Fairbanks, Alaska by way of Anchorage…by way of Chicago.

His travels plans got the breaks, thanks to the winter weather.

‘Cancellation’ and ‘delay’ are the two words dreaded by travelers across the states and right here in Southwest Florida.

By lunch time today close to one-fourth of flights at RSW were delayed or grounded until further notice.

“We've been delayed, yes. We were actually on a flight to Philly yesterday which the cancelled,” said Francisco Paez, “so we got rebooked today so we're going to Newark."

Flights headed to Philly, Boston, and New York City was basically a lost cause and Newark and Chicago also experienced heavy delays.

The delays and cancellations left travelers stranded in the dozens, doing just about anything they could to make themselves at home – from catching some Zzz’s or reading a book.

That’s how we found Ken Frisch.

“My route got changed yesterday and it got changed today,” said Frisch.

He isn’t the only one needing patience today; countless others attempted to hit the skies including Vice President Joe Biden.

While on assignment we spotted Air Force 2, the VP’s plane, also grounded at RSW.

While some travelers are wishing they just stayed home, the youngest of passengers can’t wait to get into the middle of the wintery mess.

“Massive snowball fights, maybe snowmen,” said Juan Paez.