Will House Ethics Committee continue to investigate Trey Radel?

CREATED Jan. 27, 2014

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Jessie Jackson, Jr., that was the last congressman who resigned in the middle of a House Ethics Committee investigation and in that case, even though he was accused of embezzling almost a million dollars of campaign contributions, when he resigned, the House Ethics Committee immediately halted the investigation.
Will that happen to Trey Radel? Apparently, yes.

"He's done," said Laura Weir, a political science professor at Edison State College. "Returning to being a private citizen there's not much more that they can do."

Weir says the House Ethics Committee investigation into the circumstances surrounding the cocaine charge Radel had is probably going nowhere. "(Culbreth): Have they ever had someone resign and then they kept on with their investigation and revealed what the results were? "No. To my knowledge, I have not seen an ethics committee do that," explained Weir. "Not unless they have some broader substantial evidence on somebody else who is in office."

That is one focus of the group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington. "We've always thought that there should be a inquiry into who was with Mr. Radel for all of these activities and he said he was sharing his drugs but he didn't say who he was sharing them with and as a new member of congress the people he's most likely to know are other members of congress and congressional staff," added Melanie Sloan, of the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.

She heads the group that pushed the House Ethics Committee to investigate Radel in the first place. She says there are many questions left unanswered tonight. "Radel had only been in town here in Washington for only ten months and how did he meet a drug dealer in that time?" asked Sloan. "Who introduced him to the drug dealer?"

And, as I've asked before who was he with? Was it a man or woman? We don't know, and now we may never know. For the record, the House Ethics Committee can continue it's investigation but most experts say, just like Trey Radel, it will quit, and never reveal what it found.