Where is Amy Wegmann?

CREATED Jan. 8, 2014

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WASHINGTON D.C. - Many Fox 4 viewers have been asking about Congresman Trey Radel's wife, Amy Wegmann, in recent weeks after the Congressman pleaded guilty to a cocaine charge.

Radel has appeared before the media three times and once in court since the scandal broke.

Wegmann was present at one of his press conferences where she said she supports him and look forward to a "bigger, better Trey - and marriage," after he got out of a Naples rehab facility.

When asked why she was "noticably absent" from Radel's side in his two previous public appearances, Wegmann said she's been caring for their 2 year-old.

Fox 4 has been asking Radel's press secretary if Wegmann would be in D.C. as Radel returned to Congress for the first time since his guilty plea.

The press secretary responded," I only keep track of him."