Viewers Voice: Rolling Stone magazine lawsuit baffles viewers

CREATED Feb. 20, 2014

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CAPE CORAL, FLA. - Bruce Keisling spent his whole life savings opening a Lehigh Acres bar and restaurant.
The name of the company is The Rolling Stone Libation Company and the name of the restaurant, The Rolling Stone, has the magazine knocking on the door with a lawsuit.
"If I've caused damage to their brand that can't be undone then I apologize. I'm sorry. But, I can't see it. It's about as far of a reach as you can make and really it's kind of absurd," said owner, Bruce Keisling.
In the suit, the magazine says the logos look the same and that, "It has suffered and will continue to suffer irreparable harm."
"Rolling Stone magazine has enough millions of dollars...billions! Let the man make some money," said John in Cape Coral. 
The story getting plenty of attention on our Facebook page with many feeling for the business owner.
Ainsley posted, "I really doubt the magazine is "suffering harm" because of a restaurant. People are just so sue happy and money hungry these days."
Tony wrote, "The unbelievable part is...Rolling Stone is actually worried about a little independent bar/restaurant in Lehigh??"
But Pete thinks the famous magazine has every right to go after the Lehigh restaurant writing, "You pay for patent, trademarks etc. to protect your name, rights, inventions etc. If you break that law in any copy cat way, expect trouble. It's that simple."
Annette added, "He needs to pay for his own logo/name and for any problems caused by his unprofessionalism."

Rolling Stone magazine says if Keisling doesn't change his name by Friday at 5 p.m. it will sue him.