Two Hendry County deputies arrested this week

CREATED Oct 25, 2013

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HENDRY COUNTY, Fla. - The Hendry County Sheriff's Office arrests two of its own.

The sheriff's office saying 33-year-old Joshua Boone was arrested Wednesday on perjury charges for allegedly lying during an investigation into possible criminal activity.  Boone was released on $3500 bond Wednesday.
Early Thursday 27-year-old Hendry County correctional officer Peter Thornton, whose picture was not released, was arrested and charged with introduction of contraband to a detention facility for bringing prescription pills the jail. 
Thornton was released on $4500 bond Thursday. 
Both men are on administrative leave until the completion of the investigation.
Hendry County Sheriff Steve Whidden says the department won't tolerate this kind of behavior.
"We are very disappointed in the actions of both of these deputies.  The behavior reported cannot be tolerated and we will continue to investigate the allegations filed against both officers."