Troubled past of teen accused of selling poison

CREATED Jan 24, 2014

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The Glades County teenager facing federal charges for selling poison on the internet in court Friday. Now, Four In Your Corner investigator Dave Culbreth revealing this teen's troubled personal history. 

It's not only troubled but after you hear this, if you think about it, it doesn't happen often but it could happen to any family. The father dies, then the mother dies, the other siblings are grown and that leaves a child, or in this case a teenager... all alone.

"I was going 'whooooa' and the family that was there they had no idea," said Daniel Endrizal,III, the attorney for Korff's sister. He and Jesse Korffs family found out in court today that investigators found a meth lab in an out building behind Korff's trailer, another one inside, pipe bombs, guns and even a silencer.

(Culbreth): Did you see anything early on that would lead to the allegations he has now? "Nah. I just thought he was a kid that needed some discipline, you know, and if he had to get it through foster care, he had to get it through foster care," explained Endrizal.

He says Korffs dad died when Korff was around 13, then his mother died when Korff was 16. That's when Endrizal had to tell Korff he had to go into a foster home. (Culbreth): What'd he say to that? "He didn't like that one bit," replied Endrizal. (Culbreth): What'd he say? "He said he wasn't gonna go. I said you don't have a choice, you're a minor you have to do what the courts tell you to do."

Endrizal says Korff went from foster home to foster home all over the state until he turned 18 when he wound up down the street from his sister. (Culbreth): "Was she close enough though, in relation to where he lives to see any of this stuff? "Nah, you go out there, it's not close enough," answered Endrizal. (Culbreth): So, he's basically 19 years old out there living in the woods doing whatever he wants? "Doing whatever he wants," said Endrizal, shaking his head.

(Culbreth): So, when those cops were all lined up out there they were kind of freaked out? "Oh yea. Oh yea," Endrizal said emphatically. "Everybody out there was. They're like 'what is this?' Have you been to Glades County?" (Culbreth): Yes. "Ok. So, I guess, nuff said"

So how does a family avoid this happening to them? Endrizal says people must do some type of estate planning so their kids are taken care of.

What's next for Korff? He's going to be extradited to New Jersey where he will stand trial looking at life in prison.