Trading Places: Fox 4 anchors switch lives for a day

Patrick Nolan & Emily Dishnow find out what each other's life is like

CREATED Nov 22, 2013

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CAPE CORAL, Fla. - They're co-anchors and they're friends, but what happens when Fox 4 anchors Patrick Nolan and Emily Dishnow switch lives for a day?

This is going to be so easy, “said Patrick, “I’ll show her a little thing or two," as he knocked on the Dishnow's door.

“Who's here,” says Emily, answering the door.

Patrick’s first mistake, showing up with a set of rules.

“No t.v. All organic food and a lot of exercise...and some yoga,” says Patrick. 

It's pretty clear early on, he has no clue what he's in store for.

“She'll need her diaper changed,” says Emily.

“So she's still in diapers,” Patrick asks. 

“Yes she’s still in diapers,” Emily responds, “and I heard her grunting a little earlier so you might be in for a surprise 

Emily says her goodbyes and heads out the door...

“You're just supposed to fall asleep now....go to sleep...go to sleep,” Patrick sings, as he holds Quinn in his arms.

Meanwhile, Emily was off to Matlache to meet Yali, Patrick’s paddle board yoga instructor

“Does he ever seem too stressed out with life,” Emily asks Yali.

“No,” she replies.

“Why doesn’t that surprise me,” says Emily.

“Yes,” says Yali, “he’s always having fun.”

Well, almost always having fun.

“Is there like a little towel for baby when she has a little spit up,” Patrick asks Emily's son Jay as baby Quinn starts to scream.

“Um, we're reading a little book here, maybe you could just have a little silent hour, how about that,” Patrick says to Quinn, as she screams again.

While Patrick was balancing two kids, i was also tackling balance.

“You already got your clothes laid out,” Patrick asks Jay as they run up the stairs 

“Alright why don't we just get you two both in there, you can take a nap at the same time, and I’m just going to take a break,” Patrick says, lifting Jay into the crib with Quinn. 

With half the day gone, and only one child dressed, Patrick is a bit behind

“ that sweat? Or what’s going on there,” Patrick asks lifting Quinn out of her crib. “Jay,” he yells, “you're not doing anything to hurt yourself are you? I can’t hear you.” 

“I think you're good,” he says checking Quinn’s diaper. “Would you say you feel fresh and clean...or...what.”

After a long morning on the water, I was off to Patrick’s favorite, Brookes Natural Café.

“You look beautiful today Patrick,” Brooke says, smiling at Emily.  

“Thank you,” Emily says, laughing, “ I feel like I have a little better hair do than normal.”
Meanwhile, back at home: “I can ride without shoes,” Jay says to Patrick, hopping on his bike. 

“No shoes no helmet, sounds like a Morgan and Morgan case,” Patrick replies.  

The two of them struggle to get Quinn fastened into her seat as time ticks away.  But back at the café…

“I’ve got some flax seed, I’ve got some spiralina, I’ve got some hemp seeds,” says Brooke as she whips up one of her delicious smoothies. 

“Oh fight.” Says Patrick as he pulls the dog’s leash back while trying to keep a handle on the stroller.  

Emily sips away at her smoothie at Brookes. “Mmmm,” she says, “I could get used to this.”
I was wrapping up my lunch as Patrick was wrapping up the walk

“You have puke on your shirt,” Jay so kindly points out to Patrick.  “I sure do, Patrick replies, “and pretty much everywhere else on me.”

And with that, I was headed home

Patrick says his goodbyes, and wastes no time getting out the door.

“This was just another day in paradise,” says Patrick, “ta ta, adios, no sweat!