Three Lee Co. teachers fired

CREATED Feb 11, 2014

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FORT MYERS, Fla. - Teachers behaving badly in Southwest Florida. Three have been fired in Lee County in the past two months for everything from allegedly having sex with a student, to outrageous name calling. Tonight, Four In Your Corner is asking - "What's the deal?"

Dave Culbreth went to Tuesday night's school board meeting where officials were staying tight lipped about the details. Documents detail why two of the teachers were let go. But, as far as the third one is concerned not much information is known at this point because he was fired just yesterday. We are withholding his name at this point because he has not been formally charged.
Several well placed sources with direct knowledge of the facts say a man who taught at Estero High School was fired yesterday for allegedly having a sexual relationship with an underage girl who was one of his students. Sources also say his home was raided by law enforcement which seized evidence.

The District also let go another man, Brian Marsaglia, who taught at Riverdale High School saying Marsaglia; "....used profanity and made inappropriate comments toward his students during class.' Marsaglia was suspended without pay on December 9th and never returned. The District said Marsaglia had been; "....referring to students as 'dumb', 'gay', 'little s**t', 'smart a**', and that he used a homophobic slur ('fa**ot')."

Another man, Kenneth Hayes, who taught at Ft. Myers Institute of Technology was also fired after being suspended January 7th. The attorney for the Lee County School District filed documents saying Hayes; "....was having a romantic relationship with a former adult-education student while the student was taking (hayes') course. The relationship continued after the student transferred...." FOX4 has confirmed Hayes allegedly had that relationship with an adult woman and that; "in addition, (hayes) associated with his students in an inappropriate manner, drinking socially with them to the point of intoxication and sharing intimate details of his personal life with his students".

Late Tuesday evening FOX4 emailed the District asking if parents had been notified that a teacher at Estero High School was carrying on a sexual relationship with a student, but we haven't heard back. As for more details on the firings, the District says it does not comment on personnel matters.