3 Charlotte County deputies on administrative leave after shooting incident

CREATED Jan. 6, 2014 - UPDATED: Jan. 6, 2014

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PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla. - One man is in custody and three Charlotte County deputies are on administrative leave after a shooting incident at a Port Charlotte home.

"I saw four police cars," neighbor Bradley Rossip said. "Within another hour two forensic cars showed up and another two detectives showed up."

Deputies were called to the Lowell Avenue home around 11 a.m. Sunday after relatives reported the 63-year-old man inside was threatening to kill himself.

When deputies got no response at the front door, they announced themselves and went inside. They found a locked bedroom door.

"We opened that door and were met with an armed person. He pointed the gun at one of our deputies, our deputy fired several times," Captain Les Partington, Charlotte County Sheriff's Office Investigations Commander, said.

The man, who investigators are not identifying at this time, was not hit and no one was injured. The deputy was then able to talk the man into surrendering.

"It's really good composure and training," Partington said. "It was a seasoned officer, when you start shooting at someone and de-escalate it and take him into custody, he has learned the art."
This is the first shooting incident the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office has been involved in since the death of Sgt. Michael Wilson. Wilson was killed last summer responding to a domestic dispute. Investigators say the two incidents are very different.
"He was responding to an in-progress, unstable situation. This was someone who wouldn't respond so we had time to supplement our man power," Partington said.
Investigators say this is not the first time the man had threatened to kill himself. Deputies were called to the home the day before the shooting, but didn't find any evidence he was going to hurt himself.
The man was scheduled to appear in a Sarasota courtroom Monday on child pornography charges. He is now in custody at a mental facility and charges are pending against him for aggravated assault on a police officer.
The deputies are expected to return to active duty in a few days.