Tampa Bay Buccaneers fire head coach and general manager

CREATED Dec. 30, 2013

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FORT MYERS, Fla. - It was a rough season for Tampa Bay Buccaneer fans.

"Between the defense and the offense, they just aren't getting it done," local fan Chris Frueh said.

Team owners fired head coach Greg Schiano and general manager Mark Dominik Monday morning.

Bucs Co-Chairman Bryan Glazer said in a statement, "The results over the past two years have not lived up to our standards and we believe the time has come to find a new direction."

Schiano said in a news conference Monday it was a decision he wasn't expecting.

"I woke up this morning planning on being head coach of the Bucs," Schiano said.
Schiano came to Tampa in 2012 after leaving Rutgers to replace then Bucs head coach Raheem Morris. After going 7-9 his first season, 2013 looked promising. 
But it was a disaster.
The team lost its first eight games of the season, prompting local radio stations to put up billboards asking for Schiano to be fired.
The team also battled a MRSA outbreak and ended the season with 16 players on the injured reserve. Not to mention the team's messy split with starting quarterback Josh Freeman.
Schiano admits everything that could go wrong went wrong, but says he still felt optimist about his future with the Bucs.
"Did I think we had an opportunity to move this forward? I still do, but whoever takes over this team is taking over a good situation now, a real good situation," Schiano said.
And while Schiano's replacement hasn't been named yet, local fans have some ideas.
"I wish that Dungy would come out of retirement," Frueh said.