Sullivan begins recount process

CREATED Feb. 4, 2014

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FORT MYERS - Former Cape Coral Mayor John Sullivan pushed forward with his fight to challenge the results of the November election Tuesday. 
Sullivan was ousted by Marni Sawicki, losing by a razor-thin one perrcent of the votes. 
Tuesday’s meeting is not an official recount, but election supervisor Sharon Harrington is reviewing the early voting ballots with Sullivan and his council.  
Sullivan was allowed to take tallies as they reviewed the votes.
FOX 4 caught up with him on his way into the meeting.
"Its 121 votes difference -- which means the difference is actually 61 people,” former Sullivan said. “You take 61 out of her stack and put it in mine which means I won. A lot of my supporters pushed me to do it, I listen to the people
Sullivan is taking the issue to court...the cause is going to trial next week.