Stray dogs escape after attacking three adults and small dog in Lehigh Acres

CREATED Jan. 28, 2014

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LEHIGH ACRES, Fla. -- A group of roommates in Lehigh Acres thought they were doing the right thing by containing two stray dogs that showed up at their house, but they ended up with pain and frustration.
Quetcy Marquez said she called Lee County Domestic Animal Services on Friday to report the stray dogs.  
An officer asked her if she could contain the dogs until he could respond, and she agreed.  
She put the dogs in her garage with some food and water, not thinking much more about it. 
When three hours passed and the Animal Services officer hadn't shown up, she went to check on the dogs.  
When she did, her small Yorkie dog, Daisy, came near the garage door.  
Marquez said that's when the stray dog started attacking. 
"It was horrible, seeing her in that dog's mouth, getting tossed around," Marquez said. 
When Marquez and her two roommates tried to get free Daisy, the stray dog attacked and bit them.  They called 911 and the two stray dogs got away.  
"We were trying to do the right thing," said Brittany Sanchez, Marquez's roommate. 
The attack left Daisy with a golfball-size wound on her side, and the roommates with bite marks.
The roommates were told they will need to get Rabies shots if the stray dog isn't found by Thursday. 
Marquez said she wants to know why it took Animal Services so long to respond, and wants Animal Services to care for Daisy's wounds and cover any medical expenses if the roommates need shots. 
According to Animal Services spokeswoman Ria Brown, the call came in after-hours, so it's protocol to ask a caller to confine a dog if they feel comfortable doing so.  
She also said officers respond to calls based on priority, and since this was originally a stray dog report, it wasn't as high of a priority as the other calls.  
Brown said their veterinarian will see Daisy and potentially treat her, depending on her injuries.  
She is confident the stray dog will be located so the roommates don't have to get Rabies shots. 
The attacking stray is described as a tall, golden lab-pit bull mix.  If you see it, you're asked to call Animal Services at 239-LEE-PETS.