SWFL woman turning to website for free plastic surgery

CREATED Jan. 30, 2014

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NAPLES, Fla. - Nip and tuck, it won't cost you a buck. 

Thousands of women are turning to the internet hoping to woo someone to pay for their plastic surgery. 
A Naples mom says while the site does have it's fair share of people who may not have the best intentions, she says there are plenty of others with a helping hand she hopes will help wrack up support. 
"I'm back in my shape from before pregnancy but there's no diet and exercise that can fix stretched skin," said 23-year-old Elaine Neal. She is looking to complete strangers on Myfreebreastimplants.com for a boost to her bust. 
The site allows women to create a profile asking donors to pay for their plastic surgery. 
It's not a new look Elaine is after, rather the look she had before breastfeeding took its toll. 
"There are going to be people out there who say 'You are beautiful, this is crazy, what are you doing?' What do you say to them?" asked reporter Kelli Stegeman. 
"Underneath it all everyone has their issues there between scars, stretch marks, whatever they wish they could get fixed," replied Neal. "If you have a free alternative, why not?"
Her goal is $10,000. As a single mom who works 2 jobs, new breasts are a luxury. 
"What is your first reaction as a plastic surgeon when you look at this site?" Stegeman asked Naples plastic surgeon, Dr. Kent Hacen. 
"Well, I was first, actually horrified," Dr. Hacen replied. "Then looking further into it, there was actually some good that I saw with that that. They were referring only to board certified plastic surgeons and that many people on there were trying to do it more for the right reason."
Co-founder of the site, Jay Moore, says it started in 2005 with the goal of helping a friend. 
One success story has turned into 1200. 
"It is a big important procedure to a lot of these women and that's why we keep the site operating," Moore said. 
"How do you keep people from prostituting themselves on this site?" Stegeman asked him. 
"A couple of ways," said Moore. "Our terms of service obviously don't allow that sort of thing to go on."
Software on the site looks for violations of people sharing personal information. 
"Any of that kind of stuff will get you removed or suspended from the site," said Moore. 
They also have volunteers patrolling the site for any wrongdoing. 
Some women are scantily clad. Elaine, however, only allows donors to see her face.
She hopes the story she shares on the site means more to donors than her body. 
Once Elaine meets her goal, the site will only send the funds to a board certified plastic surgeon that she chooses. 
Right now there are 3-4,000 other women hoping for the same outcome.