Radel challenger: I don't do drugs

CREATED Dec 20, 2013

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FORT MYERS - It's not just the GOP that wants Trey to step down, Democrat April Freeman is running for his seat. 

Freeman spoke to FOX 4 shortly after the Congressman spoke Thursday and said she thought that his statements were incredibly disappointing. 

"He has violated the public's trust," Freeman said. "We need a representative who is 100 percent focused and committed to this district." 

Freeman has been very active in seeking a House Ethics Investigation which has begun. 

"I hope they uncover the truth," Freeman said. "I think they need to punish Radel to the fullest extent." 

Freeman went on to say that people who run for office are given a priviledge when elected and they should be held to a higher standard. 

When asked if she thought that this mostly Republican district could see a Democrat win because of this scandal, Freeman simply said, "Yes I do." 

"The public can trust that I will be making decisions that are in the best interests of the community," Freeman said. "I am an honest hard working woman, I don't do drugs."