Pine Manor home infested with bees

CREATED Feb. 3, 2014

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FORT MYERS, Fla. - A home in Pine Manor has some unexpected house guests: thousands of bees.

"They are swarming and we sprayed them and sprayed them and sprayed them, they kept coming into the house, coming in everywhere," Justin Nicely said.

Nicely and his family started renting the home about a month ago. His wife is days away from giving birth to their second son and his mother-in-law is on dialysis.

Nicely says it started with a few bees hovering around an outdoor light, but now bees are pouring out of the walls and swarming around the door.

"I will hit them with the spray and not even five minutes later I've got a swarm of bees coming inside my home," Nicely said.
Nicely has killed hundreds of bees that get inside and after his three-year-old son was stung, he decided to take matters into his own hands.
"I have had to seal up the entire house as far as all the outlets, the switches in the house, around the walls, baseboards, floorboards, cupboards," Nicely said.
He started tearing out the wall with a hammer, pulling out almost 20 pounds of honeycomb. He has receipts that show he has spent more than $150 of his own money on equipment.
But Nicely says he doesn't think it's his responsibility.
"I feel it's my landlord's responsibility to take care of it, absolutely," Nicely said. "I am willing to work with him in any way."
Fox 4 called Nicely's landlord twice, but he didn't answer and his voicemail was full.
Nicely says he just wants the problem fixed as soon as possible so he can bring his newborn baby into a safe home.
"It's an understandable problem of why my sense of urgency would be so severe," Nicely said.
Pest control did come out to the house this week, but it is unclear if Nicely's landlord is going to pay the thousands of dollars it will take to remove all the bee hives from inside the house's walls.