People using vacant lot as dump in the Cape

CREATED Mar 17, 2014

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How would you like it if you had a big field in your neighborhood and people keep using it for a dumping ground? That's what a Cape Coral woman has experienced for a long time. She wants to know if there's anything that can be done to stop it from happening over and over again.

Ten years! That's how long she says it's been going on. From concrete slabs to tv's to mattresses to household trash. People are using a vacant lot in her neighborhood for a dumping ground. "They just drive in, dump it and leave," said Kelly Victor, who lives down the street from the vacant lot. "Just everything. There's stuff you can't even identify. I mean, you just don't know what it is".

And she wants to know why? Why here? "A lot of the stuff that's there can be put to the curb and the garbage man will come and pick up old tv's and mattresses and things like that," reasoned Victor. "I put couches to my curb and I can get them picked up without any problem".

She says the property's owned by the city of Cape Coral and she wants to know why can't it do something?

"I've made complaints," she added. "They conveiniently get lost, closed by mistake, so they say. Case numbers get closed and I have to get them reopened. It's really interesting. (Culbreth): What do you make of that? Victor laughs and says, "Uhhhhhh, you really want know?" (Culbreth): Sure. "I think it's a lot of BS, you know".

She's even thought about this, "I'd love to put some cameras in there like the hunters do. They're pretty inexpensive and their motion detectors. You catch these people and you give em a big fine". (Culbreth): Why don't you do that? "It would be nice wouldn't it?"

I did send the Cape's spokeswoman an email asking her for a comment or two about the matter. But, in all fairness, I sent that late in the day. Also, in all fairness - other than clean it up on a consistent basis, what can a city really do about people who dump stuff in a field if it doesn't catch them in the act?