Outdoor adventure park coming to Charlotte County

CREATED Jan. 24, 2014

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CHARLOTTE COUNTY, Fla. - A new spot for you and your family is in the works in Southwest Florida. Creators say it can't be found anywhere else in the country.

The Florida Tracks and Trails adventure park is being built east of Punta Gorda near the intersection of Bermont Road and State Road 31. 
The park is expected to bring more than 200 jobs to Charlotte County and at least 20,000 people a day through the gates. 
Crews currently are in the clearing process in the park that spans 1000 acres. 
FOX 4 got a tour with marketing director Rachael Ketterman 
"This is a massive undertaking," said Ketterman. "But, it's something that has been a dream of the owners for a very long time."
A concept plan gives an idea of owner Terry Cooke's vision. The plans includes paintball, motocross tracks, 26 miles of trails, a recreational lake with a beach, RV camping and a 15,000 seat amphitheatre to bring in big name acts and events.
"Right now, there's a gap on this coast for this facility, as large as ours will be. The next largest is in Tampa." 
The physical work is just beginning and will be done in 3 phases.
"First phase will be our tracks and our trails," she said. "Then, moving into the amphitheatre, the paintball park and then finalizing with our RV facilities."
It's location is just a few short miles from another well known outdoor spot and begs the question: Is this another rowdy Redneck Yacht Club? 
"Is there a goal to avoid that kind of behavior or element here?" asked reporter Kelli Stegeman. 
"Yes," replied Ketterman. "Safety is our number one priority here at the park. Every measure has been taken to make sure that we have a safe and controlled environment for our guests." 
An emergency lane goes around the entire park for EMS and fire crews. There's even a helicopter landing pad and full medical staff on site. 
The safety is a precaution. The ultimate goal is fun. 
"It's a place where you can enjoy the outdoors, which a lot of families don't do anymore," said Ketterman. 
The expected cost to build the park is around $20 million. It should open sometime this year after the first phase is complete. 
The construction on the other phases will continue after the park opens and should be completely finished within the next 2 years.