Off the Grid woman now has international following

CREATED Feb 26, 2014

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CAPE CORAL, Fla.,  - From off the grid to around the world. A Cape Coral woman's fight to live without electric, water or sewer service has gotten her nearly kicked out of her home and landed her in front of a special judge. Now Robin Speronis' plight is gaining an international following.

"So your town is forcing you to connect to city water," asked talk show host Kennedy of Robin Speronis on the Fox Business Network Monday night. 

"They're trying to force me, but I'm not going to," answered Speronis from a studio satellite uplink in Naples. "I've been living in this home in Cape Coral since January of 2013," she went on to say.

But interest in Speronis' story spiked three months ago when 4 In Your Corner's Liza Fernandez first reported the city had tagged her home with a notice to vacate the day after our special report on her lifestyle aired.

"It's about making an example out of me, it's about terrorizing me," said Speronis. 

And the city has not backed down, strengthening its initial case against her, calling animal control to her home, calling her to a code enforcement hearing and this week capping off her access to the city's sewer system.

"But my faith tells me, the more they come at me, the more I shine my light. That's the silver lining to this, that now I have a global audience," said Speronis. 

This week, the Drudge Report and picked up the story, getting her hits on her website from Australia, Africa, Europe and Asia. And Speronis is excited about an interview on a radio show in the U.K. airing next month.

"We fought a war against England for doing this to us, and here we are now doing this to our own citizens. They think it's crazy," Speronis told us. "Yeah, it's about the legal issues, but it's also about being self sufficient, being an American, being a true American, and it's resonating with people."

Speronis has racked up more than $4,000 in unpaid water/sewer fees. The city billing manager told 4 In Your Corner capping off someone's connection to the city sewer is an extreme measure it rarely uses.