Neighbors, church pastor react to McGregor meth bust

CREATED Feb. 11, 2014

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FORT MYERS, Fla. - Neighbors are shocked to learn a home in their McGregor neighborhood was allegedly housing a meth operation.  

"It's unbelievable," said Bill Fussell, who lives two doors down from the home.  "You go by and see people, you see a car, and you think it's a normal operation but in reality, it's not."

Fort Myers police were checking out what was supposed to be a vacant home in the 3000 block of McGregor Boulevard.

Officers noticed a warning letter posted on the door was ripped apart and then saw an open window at the rear of the home. The officers then noticed smoke coming from the window.

Police went inside where they found a bedroom filled with drug paraphernalia and then they came upon a man hiding behind a closet door.

Police say when 28-year-old Steen Alexander Knite stepped out from behind the door he dropped a syringe.  Then police found a woman in another bedroom, 22-year-old Victoria Lynne Boyd.

The house is right across the street from Saint John the Apostle Metropolitan Church.  Pastor Steve Filizzi said he never suspected a thing.

"What concerns me is just the nature of meth production and worrying about explosions and things like that," Filizzi said.

Knite claimed he had permission to be in the home.  But when called, the owner of the property said that Knite's mother had rented the home in the past and that he wanted charges filed.  Police say they found materials that suggest Knite was manufacturing meth in the home.

Knite was charged with burglary, manufacturing meth and with drug possession.  Boyd with charged with burglary.