Naked sunbathers on Sanibel

CREATED Feb. 3, 2014

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SANIBEL, Fla.- It is 100% illegal to be nude in any public place in the state of Florida but 4 In Your Corner found out the law has not stopped some Sanibel beach go-ers from baring it all.

Heading down Sanibel island about a mile between Bowman and Turner beaches, our cell phone captured some visitors are trading bathing suits for birthday suits.

Naked sunbathers we talked to said they aren't doing anything wrong, but according to Florida State Statute regarding lewdness; indecent exposure, it is unlawful to expose or exhibit sexual organs in public or to be naked in public except in any place provided or set apart for that purpose.

" It has been an issue historically that we've had to enforce. Unless there's an actual complaint we don't make a physical arrest. We tell them to comply with the law make sure they do and move along." Police Chief Bill Tomlinson said.

If charged with indecent exposure, it's a first degree misdemeanor and violators could face up to a year in prison.  Police said if it is brought to their attention, they will increase patrols.

"When we get specific complaints of activity and it seems to be persistent we do increase patrols yes. " Chief Tomlinson said.

Parents we talked to hope police crack down on the un-clothed so the only shielding they will be doing is from the sun.

"It depends, I really don't have a problem with it but with my kids I don't  want to see naked people around all the time." Visitor Yvonne Kelso said.

The only exception to the public nudity law is a mother breastfeeding her baby.