Most powerful Republican in Congress responds to Fox 4's questions about Trey Radel

House Speaker John Boehner e-mails anchor Patrick Nolan

CREATED Jan. 31, 2014

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 WASHINGTON D.C. - Three weeks after Fox 4 emailed him about Trey Radel's cocaine conviction, the most powerful Republican in Congress has responded.

House Speaker John Boehner did not specifically address Radel's drug conviction in his email response to Fox 4 anchor Patrick Nolan.

Nolan reached out the Speaker's office as Fox 4 headed to Washington D.C. the week of January 5th.

That's the week Radel returned to work in the Capitol after a 28 day stint in rehab and pleading guilty to possession of cocaine.

"Dear Mr. Nolan," Boehner's email (dated January 31, 2014) begins.

"Thank you for taking the time to contact me," it continues.

Boehner's email states, in part, "Your...questions help make possible my goal of leading a House of Representatives that listens and reflects the will of the American people."

"That's why I hope you'll keep in touch."

The email continues without making any mention of Radel.

"Right now my focus is what it's what it's always been," he writes.

"Getting our economy moving again to make sure our kids and grandkids have their chance to realize the American Dream."

"Thank you again," the email states.

"And I wish you and your family all the best," as it concludes with his name.

"Sincerely, John. A Boehner."

After word of Radel's cocaine bust initially broke in November, Radel's father told the Cincinnati Inquirer newspaper that Boeher had told Radel he didn't want him to resign.

Boehner's spokesperson would not comment on the report at the time.