Major drug sweep in North Fort Myers

CREATED Jan. 30, 2014

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NORTH FORT MYERS, Fla. - Suncoast Estates was targeted early Wednesday morning for a massive drug and vice sweep by units from the Lee County Sheriff's Office.

A three month investigation by the narcotics/vice unit called Operation Coast Flush resuletd in 22 arrests.

Several homes were hit simultaneously and surprised these local street level dealers who were hauled off to jail along with others charged with prostitution.

Sheriff Scott says, “Our community is a better place because of operations like this and we remain committed to a relentless, sustained attack on the drug trade and related crimes.”

Three search warrants were executed at the following locations.

2008 Laurel Ln, North Fort Myers: Arrested– Tammy Prough (DOB 10-18-72) Possession of cocaine within a 1000 feet of a church/ Possession of marijuana within 1000 feet of a Church

7769 Bartholomew Dr, North Fort Myers: Arrested– Steven Biship (DOB 05-24-75) Sale and Possession of an opiate X3, Trafficking in an opiate derivative, Possession of marijuana over 20 grams and Serge Dufresne (DOB 05-03-87) Violation of Probation

8305 McDaniel Dr, North Fort Myers: Arrested– Dustin Campbell (DOB 08-06-93) Sale and Possession of marijuana X3, possession of marijuana with intent to sell

The following items were recovered at the above mentioned homes upon execution of the search warrants.

158.8 grams of marijuana / Street Value $1600.00

6.0 grams of cocaine / Street Value $300.00

106.3 grams in pharmaceuticals (Pills) / Street Value $10,300.00

Also arrested as a result of this investigation were:

Danorris Balkcom (DOB 02-01-85), of  2610 S. Leda Ave, North Fort Myers: Sale and possession of cocaine

Mickey Colangelo (DOB 08-15-59), of  622 Edison Ave, Lehigh Acres: Sale and possession of cocaine

Alan Alexander (DOB 05-05-58), of  8432 Grady Dr. North Fort Myers:  Sale and possession of cocaine X2

Ashley Deming (DOB 11-30-89), of  7514 Marx Dr. North Fort Myers: Sale and possession of cocaine X2

Kevin Wilkins (DOB 09-21-81), of  4738 24th St. Lehigh Acres: Violation of probation

Sandra Cullari (DOB 08-24-82), of  79 Cabana Ave, North Fort Myers:  Prostitution

Tara Faustrom (DOB 12-25-79), of  15390 A33 Hart Road, North Fort Myers: Prostitution

Katy Hume (DOB 08-05-81), of  441 San Bernardino St, North Fort Myers: Prostitution

Melinda Johnson (DOB 05-09-62), of  3740 Central Ave, Fort Myers: Prostitution

Amber Rowell (DOB 05-07-84), of  441 San Bernardino St, North Fort Myers: Prostitution

The following individuals are still at large in reference to narcotic related crimes:

Jesse Allbritton (DOB 05-05-58)

Justin Boom (DOB 12-21-88)

Robert Boyette (DOB 12-18-65)

Jacob Carr (DOB 12-26-90)

James Dickerson (DOB 08-07-78)

Theodore Grauwickel (DOB 03-21-81)

Mary McCracken (DOB 08-11-57)

Carlos Tellado (DOB 09-12-89)

Joe Tennie (DOB 05-16-55)