Lines already forming in Fort Myers for Black Friday

CREATED Nov 22, 2013

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FORT MYERS, Fla. - Black Friday is starting so early this year some are now calling it Brown Thursday with deals starting Thanksgiving night! 

With the shopping starting earlier, the shoppers are lining up earlier. 
There's already a line outside of the Best Buy near Page Field in Fort Myers. 
The Valentin family has been holding their first-in-line spot since Wednesday. 
It's the second year in a row for them to hold the number one spot. 
They work out a schedule with friends so someone is always standing in line. 
David Valentin and his wife, Priscilla, have their tent set up with two air mattresses, snacks and a DVD player. They call it the "Best Buy Resort." 
"Playing dominoes, playing cards, throwing the football around, watching movies," David said, describing what a typical day might look like. 
But what about the sacrifice of skipping out on Thanksgiving? 
"The food comes to us," said Priscilla. "Our family knows we are here so they're like 'Oh my God, let me cook, let me bring you guys a plate,' so it's a party here." 
The lines of tents are quickly becoming a tight-knit community. The Valentin's neighbor back home is right behind them in line. A few tents down is David Valentin's cousin. 
They are all looking to get a great deal on a brand new TV. 
Valentine says he knows people think he is crazy and he agrees that you have to be crazy to do this. 
Doors open at Thanksgiving night at Best Buy at 6 p.m.