Kreegel makes Radel challenge official

CREATED Jan. 7, 2014

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FORT MYERS - One of the growing number of potential challengers to Rep. Trey Radel's seat made it official Tuesday. 

Dr. Paige Kreegel announced his candidacy in front of his office at Page Field. 

Kreegel stressed that his candidacy is about restraint, maturity and accountability.

Kreegel Implied that he would not cater to any fringe groups interested in shutting down the government. 

"The problems inherent with the Obamacare rollout are much deeper than a website glitch." Kreegel said. "But it seems like its here to stay. So we are going to need folks with experience, to get to work and start fixing it." 

Kreegel touts himself as a fiscal conservative with a track record to prove it. 

He pointed out that while representing Lee County in the Florida Legislature he helped balance the budget each and every year.