Jeb Bush speaks about presidential run

CREATED Jan. 30, 2014

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Is America ready for Jeb Bush in 2016?

Speculation surrounding a presidential run by Florida’s former governor and son of former President George Herbert Walker Bush has never really died down but Jeb himself hasn't said all that much, until now. 

When asked about his intentions for 2016 Jeb now puts a time-frame on the decision.

“I'm deferring the decision to the right time which is later this year,” Bush said. “And the decision will be based on can I do it joyfully because I think we need candidates that can lift our spirits because we're a pretty pessimistic country right now. And is it right for my family."

Jeb's mom, former First Lady Barbara Bush has said publicly that she does not want Jeb to run.

When asked about her comments, Jeb responded that if you have elderly parents you know that they speak their minds.