Injuction filed to stop dump trucks hauling sand to Collier Co.

CREATED Oct 16, 2013

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Estero, Fla. - Dump trucks hauling sand along Corkscrew Road could run into a roadblock. They started Monday and just two days into it two groups have joined together to ask a judge to stop it.

The outlet mall and the neighborhoods around it filed a motion today asking a judge to stop the dump trucks from moving sand from a mining pit in Immokalee along Corkscrew Road to four beaches in Collier County. They, along with Lee County officials want Collier's  officials to make the trucks travel farther north to go back south.

"The next step to try to get this injuction to get the trucks off Corkscrew and onto Alico," said Jeff Staner, a vice-president with Miromar Outlet Mall.

They say safety is the issue for the next four months when 400 dump trucks a day will travel from Immokalee along corkscrew road to I-75. Four hundred trucks during daylight hours averages out to about three dozen trucks an hour or one every minute and forty seconds. They want the trucks to go up to Alico Road and then to I-75. "I think the main objective would be to get them off of Corkscrew and onto Alico which is a much safer designed truck route than the heavily traveled and tourist related and customers on Corkscrew Road for the outlets," added Staner.

They filed the motion because they say it's a safety issue to these neighborhoods which are along Corkscrew Road and have, they say, 4,335 residents. The motion goes on to say people with the Miromar Outlet Mall feels it will affect Thanksgiving and Christmas shopping. "We take the safety of our customers very seriously and this was taking it to the next level," Staner said.

But is their argument compelling enough to get a judge to stop the trucks? Consider this, in one paragraph they say "Corkscrew Road has an average daily traffic volume of approximately 10,000 vehicles". Then two paragraphs later they say "with normal usage of Corkscrew Road in the past three years there have been 57 accidents, seven percent involving trucks". If you do the math, that's 19 accidents a year or one every 19 days...with 10,000 vehicles traveling it every day.

It will be up to a Lee County Circuit Court judge to rule on the matter.