Horse rescue in Tice

CREATED Jan 22, 2014

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TICE, Fla. - A muddy pond nearly spelled doom for a horse in Tice east of I-75. 

4 In Your Corner can report that Tuesday law enforcement from Lee and Collier County along with an animal emergency rescue team saved a horse stuck in a muddy pond.

The incident happened in the 6600 block of Patsy Drive.  The horse was stuck in a muddy pond approximately eight feet down an embankment. 

The horse had exhausted itself, was unable to stand, and needed assistance just to keep its head above the cold, muddy water.

By utilizing the rescue glide and other rescue equipment, the team was able to pull the horse to dry ground where it eventually walked away under its own power.  The horse was given an optimistic prognosis from the on scene veterinarian.