Hearing starts for fired Fort Myers police officer Trevor Lehman

CREATED Jan 21, 2014

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FORT MYERS, Fla. - An arbitration panel will begin hearing testimony Tuesday morning into the firing of Fort Myers police officer Trevor Lehman.

The firing stirred controversy after a review panel recommended that Lehman be punished for use of excessive force during a February 2013 traffic stop, but the punishments offered fell far short of firing him.  The panel offered various punishments including a suspension or a reprimand.

Instead Police Chief Doug Baker ignored the recommendations and fired Lehman.

The incident happened while Lehman was on patrol with his partner pulled over Chaylon McClary, for driving without a license.

Video from the officers dash camera show officer Lehman yelling obscenities at McClary, while trying to get him out of the car.
McClary gets out of the car  and shows him being uncooperative.  Lehman gets into a struggle with McClary, then takes aggressive action.
According to the report, Lehman hit the suspect hard in the neck and head... a total of three times.  The report says McClary continues to be non-violent but still uncooperative and resisted the officers as they try to put him in the squad car.  Several officers were needed to contain him and remove him from the scene.
The review which starts today will decide whether Lehman will get his job back along with back pay.