Guns now allowed in parked cars on FGCU campus

CREATED Jan. 22, 2014

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FORT MYERS, Fla. - Just days after the Purdue University shooting in Indiana, Florida Gulf Coast University approves a change to its campus gun laws.

Faculty and students can now keep registered firearms inside parked cars on campus.

It's illegal in Florida to carry a gun onto college campuses, but in December a Florida appeals court ruled that law didn't apply to parked cars.

"It does make me a little uncomfortable about knowing someone has a concealed weapon in their car five feet from my classroom," freshman Alex Miranda said.

Campus Police Chief Steven Moore says the new law doesn't affect safety on campus and stands behind it.
"Every case stands on it's own," Moore said. "You could look at every case and see if the gun came out of a car, was it stored in a car? Did the person intentionally come to campus to carry out the act?"
Despite recent school shootings, some students say they don't think the violence is directly related to allowing guns to be left in cars.
"If you have that mindset and you're thinking of it, that rule or law isn't going to change whether or not you do or don't bringing it on campus," senior Jacob Robinson said.
But even though the university is just following the law, some students still say it's going too far.
"This needs to be a safe place that people don't have to worry about bringing a gun to," freshman Keith Moore said.
A Florida gun rights group is currently suing the University of Florida for not allowing guns inside dorm rooms. Chief Moore says he will never support changing that part of the law.