Governor Scott responds to frustrations with unemployment call center

CREATED Dec. 6, 2013

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FLORIDA -- Many Fox 4 viewers are reaching out for help with the state's new unemployment website, CONNECT.  Problems with the new site, which launched Oct. 15, have prevented many users from being able to claim benefits. 

Every time Fox 4 asked Governor Scott about the issue, he said the system is working and anyone can call the call center if they need help.  Many viewers tell us the call center is just as frustrating as the website, with some users calling hundreds of times and getting the same automated response that the lines are busy and to call back at a different time. 

Upon request, Governor Scott's office responded to the story that aired Thursday night about the difficulties users have reaching someone at the help center. Here's a statement from Governor Scott's Communications Director, Melissa Sellers: 

"Governor Scott works to help those Floridians without work by creating more jobs. Florida’s unemployment rate has now dropped to 6.7% from 11.1% since the Governor took office.” 

Fox 4 will continue to push for answers until the Governor responds to the issue.