Governor makes promise to Floridians struggling to get unemployment benefits

Fox 4 still pushing Rick Scott for answers to your questions

CREATED Mar 5, 2014

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PUNTA GORDA, Fla. -- Nearly five months after Florida launched a new unemployment claims website - paid for with more than 60 million of your tax dollars, Republican Governor Rick Scott is offering advice to Floridians still struggling to get their unemployment benefits. 

At a business groundbreaking ceremony in Punta Gorda today, Governor Scott told Fox 4 if anyone is still having issues, they should reach out to him. 

"If there's somebody that is having a problem now, they should call my office directly and I'll make sure I try to get it corrected," Scott said. 

Four in Your Corner is still receiving emails and calls from viewers waiting on their benefits.  

Despite this, Governor Scott said the the system is improving.

"We've done a great job of fixing the problem, they've held Deloitte accountable," Scott said.

Deloitte Consulting is the company Scott's administration hired to create the website that's been plagued with problems from the beginning.

The Florida Department of Economic Opportunity has fined Deloitte Consulting $15,000 per business day until all problems are resolved. 

Given the problems with this $64 million project, Fox 4 asked the Governor if he would consider hiring Deloitte Consulting again in the future.  

He did not directly answer the question. 

"Well, look, we've held Deloitte accountable for this project and we'll continue to hold them accountable," he said. 

Last week, US Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL) made his third formal request for the US Department of Labor to investigate the unemployment website for possible fraud or misuse. 

State DEO officials, however, say call volume (to the help center which has been - at times - overwhelmed with angry Floridians who says the website doesn't work) has gone done.

DEO officials also say claims are being processed at record levels and a backlog of claims needing to be paid no longer exists.

That's all according to a memo from DEO.

Fox 4 will continue to follow this story until our viewers get the money and answers they've been waiting on. 

To contact the Governor's office, you can call (850) 488-7146.

When you hang up, Fox 4 invites you to call or email us and let us know how it went.

You can reach us at: (239) 206-FOX 4 or by email,

Governor Scott's handling off the unemployment website problems has also turned into a political issue as he runs for a second term this year.

One of Scott's Democratic challengers, Charlie Crist, says if he were governor, things would have been handled very differently.

Former Democratic state senator Nan Rich is also running - hoping to unseat Scott in November.