Ft. Myers Beach Little League fighting city to move smelly dumpsters

CREATED Dec 9, 2013

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FORT MYERS BEACH, Fla. - All of the trash collected from the public access points on Fort Myers Beach goes into one of the dumpsters at Bay Oaks Recreation Center.

But Fort Myers Little League isn't happy.

"Nauseous dead fish, rotting garbage, you name it," Fort Myers Beach Little League President Rick Loughrey said.

It's not a smell he wants his players breathing in.

"It can get so bad that in cases we have almost had to close the field down the smell is actually so bad ," Loughrey said.
The dumpsters have been sitting next to left field for about five years. Loughrey says with the summer heat beating down, the smell of rotting fish and food is overwhelming.
"We feel strongly that this is a dangerous situation, not only having the containers so close to where the children are playing, but the foul smells to people who are visiting the park," Loughrey said.
Loughrey says the league has been fighting for years to get the dumpsters moved, but Fort Myers Beach Mayor Alan Mandel says this is the first time he's heard of it since he became mayor.
"This is the first complaint that's come to council, but whether it's unsafe or unpleasant, I don't know," Mandel said.
Mandel says the dumpsters are emptied at least every other day and that since he received the league's complaint last week, he and the City Manager are looking for solutions.
"Both Mr. Stewart and I have identified two potential locations and we are evaluating whether it's feasible," Mandel said.
Little league games start back up in January and Loughrey hopes the problem is resolved by then.
"I know of no other league that has a trash transfer facility in their parking lot next to their concession stand," Loughrey said.
Members of Fort Myers Beach Little League plan on attending the Town Hall Meeting on December 16th. Mandel says he plans to have an update on the two potential locations by then.