Four in Your Corner gets help for 3 year-old attacked by dog

Pit Bull that mauled child is no longer in the neighborhood

CREATED Dec. 12, 2013

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NORTH FORT MYERS, Fla. --  A North Fort Myers family can now feel safe in their home again after a neighbor's pit bull mauled their three-year-old daughter in the face, requiring nine stitches.  

The girl's mother, Michelle Dearing, contacted Four in Your Corner because the dog was still living two doors from them three days after the attack.

Four in Your Corner took the mother's concerns to Lee County Domestic Animal Services.  
Operations Manager Glenn Johnson said the case was considered an open investigation.  
In general, a dog who viciously attacks a human would be taken from its owner.
Johnson said before any action could happen, officials needed to gather all proper evidence and statements. 

Shortly after the story aired last night, Dearing said an Animal Services worker came out to take the dog, so it's no longer threatening their neighborhood. 

So far, the child's medical bills have reached more than $2,000.  
Because it is a civil matter, the dog's owner is not obligated to pay the bills unless the family takes the matter to court and a judge rules the owner is responsible for the bills.