Fort Myers mayor fires back at opponent

CREATED Oct 17, 2013 - UPDATED: Oct 18, 2013

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Fort Myers, Fla. - Controversy over a campaign commercial is putting a lot of heat on the upcoming election for Mayor of Ft. Myers. Thursday, FOX4's Dave Culbreth sat down with Mayor Randy Henderson, asking him some tough questions about what that commerical is implying.

It's twelve days until election day and it's heating up between current mayor Randy Henderson and his challenger Raimond Aulen. Two nights ago we ran Aulen's comments about a commercial he's running, now, it's Henderson's turn.

"My opponent has filed ethics complaints against me. He's been basically harassing me the whole time I've been in office and it's unsavory," said Fort Myers Mayor Randy Henderson.

Now he's speaking out against an ad Aulen is running which states, in part, "Why's the mayor always smiling? You'd be smiling to if you got this deal." The ad goes on to say that Henderson was the benefactor of a land deal in which he got a hefty commission.

Henderson says the ad is misleading. He says he's a real estate broker and the deal referred to in the ad started in the mid 90's before he ever ran for office.

FOX4 Reporter Dave Culbreth asked Henderson about this and other issues:
Culbreth: "You got like a 1.6 million dollar commission?
Henderson: "Yea."
Culbreth: "What's that all about?
Henderson: "This is a transaction that spanned over 14 or 15 years and culminated in this way. That's the way I make my living, I get paid. By the way, that's split between my company and my partners company, and if I weren't a transparent person there were ways to not disclose this that would've been perfectly legal but we wanted to disclose it.

Culbreth: What about the ads is untrue?
Henderson: "There's nothing that's untrue. It's what's left out of the ads that's sneaky and really misrepresenting the complete story of what was going on.

Henderson also says he's the mayor of the city and the deal involved the county, "It has nothing to do with the City of Fort Myers and my service as an elected official. It's a county program."

It's been reported that the fbi was investigating both him and the city.
Culbreth: "The FBI thing, what do you know?"
Henderson: "Here's what I can tell you about the FBI. Mayor Henderson is not being investigated, the city of Ft. Myers is not being investigated.
Culbreth: "What are they investigating, do you know?"
Henderson: "There is no investigation."
Culbreth: "Do you have any idea why they were here?
Henderson: "There was no investigation. They came and questioned my collegues about complaints that mysteriously showed up in their office and I remind myself again, we're in the political season."

Henderson was also asked if anybody else in the city of Ft. Myers is being investigated by the FBI and he said,  "No, no one."